New Coach/Player in Albershausen: Welcome Dalton Demos!

Quick info:

Age: 24
Family status:  Single
Position:  Quarterback
Size:  196 cm
Weight:  100 kg
Playing football since:  2004
Last team:  Coastal Carolina University
Favorite football team: Albershausen Crusaders
Major studies: Communication

Short interview:

AC: Hi Dalton! Welcome to Albershausen, you are going to support the team for the 2018 GFL 2 season. Our fans would like to know more about you! In your football career, which was your favorite moment so far?

Dalton: My favourite football moment is every time I take the field with my teammates.

AC: How did you get the idea of playing football in Europe?

Dalton: I really wanted to continue playing football after college, I also wanted to experience a new culture.

AC: Why did you choose to play for the syNeo Albershausen Crusaders?

Dalton: Coach Sergio De Pilla and I have developed a great relationship and I really stand behind what he wants to do with this offense.

AC: Talking about your position – usually people say that the QB is the one who lead the team and carry it through a game. With a good QB you can win championships, with a bad one you are doomed. Now this NFL season, there has been 3 backup QBs in the final four – do times change? Whats your opinion?

Dalton: I believe that Quarterbacks has been and always will be the most important position on the football field. It is the Quarterback responsibility to lead the team towards success every single day. It does not matter if you are the starter or the back up, the team is relying on the Quarterback to win games. Personally, I have been both the starter and the backup during my career, and whenever I step on the field I try my best to bring an intensity and fire to the team.

AC: Is there anything you want to do for sure while being in Germany?

Dalton: I would really like to learn the language as best I can. I would also like to build positive relationships with my teammates and coaches, but most importantly, I want to win.



Bericht: Mirko Mosenthin