New Coach/Player in Albershausen: Welcome Addison Elliott!

Quick info:

Age: 23
Family status: 
Position:  D-Line
Size:  194 cm
Weight:  125 kg
Playing football since:  2006
Last team:  Southwestern University
Favorite football team: Dallas Cowboys
Major studies: Communication

Short interview:

AC: Hi Addison! Welcome to Albershausen, you are going to support the team for the 2018 GFL 2 season. Our fans would like to know more about you! In your football career, which was your favorite moment so far?

Addison: My best football moment was winning the SCAC conference championship with my college team. As a new program that started in 2013 no one expected us to win hardly any games during our four years, and to win the championship was truly special.

AC: How did you get the idea of playing football in Europe?

Addison: Many of my coaches have had involvement in the GFL playing for and coaching in Stuttgart, so when the opportunity came to me, it was easy to say yes.

AC: Why did you choose to play for the syNeo Albershausen Crusaders?

Addison: The crusaders, from the moment I began speaking to the coaches, seemed like a team that I wanted to play for. Upon arriving I have been nothing but happy to be here with this great group of men who have a true passion for the game, which makes playing with them even more special.

AC: Did you know, you are our first american D-Liner playing for Albershausen – Do think you are able to have an impact on the game?

Addison: I did not know that I was the first American D-Line player to come, and to me that is a great privilege. I think that I will be able to bring an attitude and physicality to our defensive line that is different than normal. Most importantly however is the impact we can have with the other members of the offense and defence line, making sure we have good reps in practice and making the most of our time.

AC: Is there anything you want to do for sure while being in Germany?

Addison:  I want to learn as much as I can about the culture through, travel, food, and the people. So far the team has been really good about making sure that we have a great stay these next few months. I want to go to more soccer matches, those are so much fun.



Bericht: Mirko Mosenthin