Returning to Albershausen: Welcome back Giano White!

Quick info:

Age: 25
Family status:  Single
Position:  Linebacker/Safety
Size:  183 cm
Weight:  100 kg
Playing football since:  20 years
Last team:  Albershausen Crusaders
Favorite football team: 49ers
Major studies: Criminal Justice

Short interview:

AC: Hello, Giano! Welcome back to Albershausen! You played 2017 the whole season with the syNeo Albershausen Crusaders and will continue to do so in 2018. It’s good to see you in blue and silver again. Our fans already know you, but they are certainly curious how your last 6 months in the USA have been? What have you done in the meantime?

Giano: It’s great to be back. The last 6 months I trained a lot and also had a job as a driver for car dealerships.

AC: Why did you choose Albershausen again? Have other teams asked?

Giano: The team here is great – I love the guys here. There were other teams, but at the last minute they decided otherwise.

AC: You returned to our training camp on time. How did you like it and did you notice any changes compared to last year?

Giano: The camp was great! I think the difference from last year is that the team has more drive and motivation to win.

AC: With Addison and Dalton you have two new American teammates – is there anything you could show or explain to them already?

Giano: uhm…. They came before me, so I’m sure they have the lifestyle down by now. But I’m always here to help if they need it.

AC: What was the first thing you did when you were back in Germany?

Giano: I ate a yufka, chicken and pasta dish. On separate days – haha.

(Last Quarter of last game 2017, where Giano had big impact!)


Bericht: Mirko Mosenthin