Welcome Giano White!

Short info on Giano:
Age: 24
Major Studies: criminal justice
Family Status: single
Position: linebacker
Size: 183cm
Weight: 100 Kilos
Playing Footbal since: 5 years old
Last Team: Waldorf University
Favorite Footballteam: 49ers

AC: “Hi Giano! We are happy to welcome you to Albershausen for the 2017 GFL2 Season. Here are some short questiones, so our fans get to know you a little. Your best football-moment?”

Giano: “My first interception!”

AC: “How did you get the idea of playing football in Europe?”

Giano: “My coach told me about playing and coaching oversees.”

AC: “And more important, why the Albershausen Crusaders?”

Giano: “I feel I will be a good fit for the team!”

AC: “Is there anything you want to do for sure while being in Germany?”

Giano: “Explore different cities to look at the culture of Germany.”