Welcome Doug Webster!

Short info on Doug:
Age: 28
Major Studies: Criminal Justice and Sociology
Family Status: Single
Position: Quarterback
Size: 188cm
Weight: 90 Kilos
Playing Footbal since: 1996
Last Team: Pribram Bobcats
Favorite Footballteam: 49ers

AC: “Hi Doug! We are happy to welcome you to Albershausen for the 2017 GFL2 Season. Here are some short questiones, so our fans get to know you a little. Your best football-moment?”

Doug: “My best football memory was my junior year in college, we were winning all game until the last 25 seconds when Bethel (who had beat us the last 4 years) threw a TD. My best friends father had passed away the night before and he missed the game. My OL Cody Ramirez, team Pastor and I said a Prayer before our offense took the field. With 0:01 left on the clock, ball was on their 45 yard line. I scrambled around from right all the way to my left and threw it as far as I could before sliding out of bounds. I looked up to see the ref signaling we scored the touchdown for the win. It made the #1 play on ESPN SportsCenter that week over Brett Farve who was always one of my favorite players growing up.”

AC: “How did you get the idea of playing football in Europe?”

Doug: “I got the idea to play football in Europe from my quarterback coach in college who had also played in Europe.”

AC: “And more important, why the Albershausen Crusaders?”

Doug: “I chose to play with the Albershausen Crusaders because of their winning mentality, dedication to the game, and their enthusiasm from the players and staff to be the best.”

AC: “Is there anything you want to do for sure while being in Germany?”

Doug: “Some of the things I want to do in Germany is:
1. Go to see where the Berlin wall was, my grandfather was there in 1962 when the wall was being built when he was in the army.
2. Visit Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein, and other castles and historic buildings.
3. Visit my friends from Dresden.
4. Go to Europa-Park.”

Highlight-Video: https://veuw1.hudl.com/p-highlights/User/3912066/5721be164df6124b7005ec69/93b28232_720.mp4?v=F819034A2EBAD308

Video des angesprochenen Spielzugs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8JaSb-YNys&feature=youtu.be