Welcome Stephen DeMarco!

Short info on Stephen:
Age: 27
Major Studies / Job: Cyber security – Computer networking
Family Status: Married
Position: WR/Slotback
Size: 180cm
Weight: 93Kilos
Playing Footbal since: Peewee Youth Team
Last Team: Holzgerlingen Twisters
Favorite Footballteam: Washington Redskins

AC: “Hi Stephen! We are happy to welcome you to Albershausen for the 2017 GFL2 Season. Here are some short questiones, so our fans get to know you a little. How did you come to germany?”

Stephen: “I came to Germany to work for 3 years.”

AC: “Your best football-moment?”

Stephen: “My best football moment was playing in GFL 2 against the Ingolstadt dukes at home in Holzgerlingen. It was in the fourth quarter when I caught the game winning touchdown over the corner back. Immediately following the game I was taken to the hospital to find out I had torn my AC joint in my shoulder in the 1st quarter of the game. This game was most memorable to me because my team rallied back for the win and the team sprite was at an all time high.”

AC: “And more important, why the Albershausen Crusaders?”

Stephen: “I chose to play for the Albershausen Crusaders because I played against this team last year and saw there desire to win and play as a team.”


Highlight-Video: http://www.hudl.com/video/3/1274461/57ee9e1bf6170860789db802